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A clearer view of your candidates

Find exactly the right people, quicker

Aren’t you sick of the old recruitment process

Here’s the recruitment experience you’re probably used to:

You put out a job ad or contact an agency. Your inbox is flooded with CVs via email, most of them irrelevant. You plough through a raft of CVs - and you select a number of candidates to interview.

Interviews start, and...

  • There are often too many of them, blocking out endless hours in your diary

  • Candidates that seemed great on paper prove, after 30 seconds of conversation, to be clearly not the right fit

  • As a result, you’re forced to waste precious time and energy on people you have no intention of hiring

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a way of getting more insights into your candidates before you got to that stage?

Your new recruitment experience

There are many CVs out there with the bullet-point list of skills you require, but finding a more nuanced fit requires a different approach. We help you narrow the search. But our search goes a step further - finding the right personality and culture fit alongside the right expertise. So in addition to the support you’d expect from a professional recruitment agency, you’ll also have access to our secure, online portal.

Here you can:

  • View candidate CVs and pre-recorded tester videos

  • Comment on the candidates you like

  • Share thoughts with members of your team

  • Make collaborative decisions quickly

  • Confident of your candidate shortlist, you can save further time and energy by interviewing your chosen candidates through our video service.

The result - a slicker, more effective recruitment process that delivers candidates with both the right skillset and the right personality fit, every time. This is what recruitment can feel like from now on.

Our innovative video-first process

Our platform is simple and easy to use: Get in touch with us and we’ll set up a video chat, so we can explore what kind of service you need. We’ll help you pin-point what you really want to know in a two minute pre-interview from a candidate. And we can help you build a job spec with DISC profiling, so you only attract the right people. Record a mini video, so potential candidates can learn more about you and the role you’re advertising. This gives you the opportunity to tell candidates why they will want to work for you. You can also specify who you’re looking for. We’ll set you up with a personal space in our web-based portal. It’s secure, password-protected, and you can access it from anywhere, on any device. We’ll search for candidates, combing our own database, running public and hidden campaigns, and keeping tabs on searching job boards and LinkedIn. You’ll be updated at every turn, with videos of candidates (plus their CVs) sent your way. Once you’ve chosen who to interview, you can use our platform to carry out a video interview. It’s simple to set up and the video can be recorded to share internally. If you would like us to be involved in the interview process, we’re happy to help.

Start your video-first recruitment process now

Get in touch with us to begin finding candidates easier, faster and more efficiently.