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You're more than a CV

Find the team culture you’re made for

How the job search process used to go

​Job applications used to be tiring. No matter how many times you edited that CV, it was difficult to capture who you actually were. The qualities that go beyond a list of skills and qualifications. The real assets you bring.

And so this happened:

  • You spent time and money travelling for interviews

  • You used precious annual leave

  • You put so much energy into the process - and it was frustrating

  • When many people were interviewed, the chance of getting a job was small

And sometimes, after meeting the employers, you didn’t even want the job. It wasn’t the right fit for you.

So you had to begin the process all over again. 

Your new experience

Now, with our video platform, you can show employers who you are. And because they’ve seen you in action during the shortlisting process, you only attend interviews when you’re highly likely to get the job.

This can be your story.

  • Your video makes you stand out from the crowd - employers are paying attention

  • You get to express yourself, capturing your personality as well as your skills, so employers can tell instinctively when you’re a good fit for their team

  • You save time by using the same video to apply for multiple roles, or create a bespoke video when you want to tailor what you say to a particular role

  • You travel less to interviews - saving time, costs and annual leave

  • You feel assured that when you do take part in an interview, you’re not getting lost in a sea of candidates

And video goes both ways. Now you can see and get to know the people in a company before you sit in an interview. You know the companies you’ll be a good fit for. So you land a great video interview. 

On the first day in your new role, you know you’ve found it: the job you were after. You fit with the team like a missing link returned to its rightful place. And getting here was simpler than it had ever been.

Easier steps to be hired

  1. Apply for a role using your LinkedIn details or send your CV across.

  2. Video call with a Vocacio consultant who specialises in your discipline - whether that’s engineering, design, quality, HSE management, maintenance, supply chain, project management  or operations.

  3. During the call, we’ll record a short video snippet for the portal. If you want to create a tailored video for a specific role, we can do that quickly and easily at a later point.

  4. Whenever there’s a role we think you’ll be interested in, or we reckon you’ll be a good fit for, we’ll ask if you want to be put forward.

  5. When an employer wants to interview you over video, you can participate easily on our platform.

Get started now

It’s going to be easier from now on. Get in touch with us to find the right role and team for you.