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How we use DISC within our team

06 July 2021

By Jack Corfield

How we use DISC within our team

​Can you really care for your employees if you don’t truly understand them?

To answer this question we would need to look at what it means to understand one and other.  

“I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.”

Abraham Lincoln

Genuine connections thrive off of understanding.

Understanding somebody’s actions, understanding somebody’s emotions, understanding somebody’s decision making process.

When we start to learn more about others, we build the foundations to gain respect for them. 

Unlike meeting someone in the pub after a few too many, when people turn up to work, they can be guarded about how much of their true self to put on the table.

This protective strategy may work in the short-term, but ultimately it puts a barrier in between others' ability to truly understand you.

As a team at Vocacio, each of us strive to be understood.

We recognise the importance of communication to a growing start-up business.

One tool we use to improve both communication and our understanding of each other is DISC.

DISC is an advanced form of behavioural analysis.

Personality testing was first used in world war 1 by the U.S Army, in an effort to identify which soldiers would suffer from shell shock. 

There are many different styles of personality testing and DISC is the method that we feel best works for our business.

The foundation of DISC revolves around 4 different personality styles.

However, DISC is not limited to just four styles. It considers the spots in between each of the Styles. So for example one individual may belong mostly to the I group but also to the D, making them an ID style.

It’s worth noting that no style is superior to any other style throughout DISC and everyone is a blend of all four style

Each member of our team has completed a DISC profile, giving them access to a detailed report on their personal style. This report provides insight into their motivations & stressors, workplace priorities and the ways in which they collaborate.

So what benefits does using DISC bring to our business?

  • Using DISC allows us to identify gaps in our team's skill set before hiring.

  • Understanding the language of DISC allows us to speak confidently about our communication styles.

  • Using DISC enables us to avoid conflict within the workplace.

  • We can run DISC reports on candidates when we are recruiting and then produce reports showing how the candidate would fit into a client's team.

  • DISC is the ultimate personal development tool, arming us with the knowledge and techniques to have better interactions among our team.

As our small team begins to grow, we are seeing the power of DISC increase with each hire.

Rachel, joined our team in March 2021.

As part of the hiring process she used DISC and created a report on our system. 

When John sat down with her on her first day Rachel had already had a look around the portal and had an understanding of her new team members and their styles before setting foot into the office.

Seeing DISC empower our people makes us certain that it’s a tool that will help us evolve.

If you are recruiting and would like to understand more about your people or the people you are looking to bring into your business, let’s have a chat about DISC.

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