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We spend a lot of time at work

08 April 2021

By Jack Corfield

We spend a lot of time at work

The average person in the UK will spend 42.5 hours at work each week.

With retirement ages rising with every generation, surely it’s more important than ever to find a workplace that makes you happy?

As 2020 drew to a close, I caught up with Dr Prisca Eutionnat-Diffo who was three-months into her new job at Autins Group, to find out how she was settling in.

In August 2020, Prisca’s planned work placement in China fell through due to the pandemic.

She began looking for her next role, sparking conversations in France, Belgium, the U.S and the UK. 

She had been living in France, where she qualified as a Textile Engineer - a rare skill set, with only 160 engineers graduating from the college each year. 

When Alex, our resourcer, got in touch to speak to her about a role with Autins Group, Prisca set her sights on the U.K. 

Prisca knew that she wanted to join a team that mirrored her enthusiasm for innovation.

“I really want to join companies who push forward innovation, or for them, innovation is the key”. 

In her first video-interview, it became clear that Autins could be a good cultural fit.

“Finding a company culture is definitely important. Before I apply for any job the first thing I am doing is checking the company. I search for the values, the culture of the company, simply because we spend a lot of time at work. I really want to work with funny people, and people who actually have the same passion for what they are doing as I have.”

Prisca is not certainly alone.

Values and culture are quickly working their way into the most asked questions by our candidates.

But it’s not just candidates who are noticing this change.

“67% of Global CEOs predict that by 2023, workplace talent will focus more on corporate culture and values than they do on pay.”

Priscas comments made me reflect on my own work experiences. 

I’ve worked in a variety of business environments, from small start-ups to large public sector organisations.

Throughout my roles, I’ve met some incredibly inspiring people. I’ve also met some agonisingly miserable people.

The sort of people who you bump into in the kitchen on a Monday morning to find them telling everyone "Don’t worry, only four more sleeps until the weekend.’"

Harmless as they may seem, these comments can be detrimental to an organization's culture. 

I wanted to be inspired in my time at work, not counting down the hours until the weekend.

Safe to say I didn’t hang around long. 

With job retention being a top priority for HR leaders it is important to understand each hire is a reflection of your brand.

Every person within the team plays a part in your organization's culture, so ensuring you get the right people on the bus is essential.

I was pleased to hear that the culture at Autins Group was a culture that matched Priscas expectations.

She felt energised by her work and relished spending time with her team, even if it was done remotely. 

“We spend a lot of time at work.”

Making it more important than ever to find a workplace that makes us happy.

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