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Recruitment Is Beautiful

08 October 2020


Recruitment Is Beautiful

Recruitment is Beautiful


Great recruitment is a gorgeous thing.


I’ve had a love affair with recruitment for over a decade.


There is no right or wrong, no play book, no standard, just
good, bad & everything in between.


Recruitment isn’t just sales; in our industry we help
individuals improve their livelihoods and businesses realise goals.


In this special profession, we, as recruiters owe it to our
clients to enhance the experience. To make the process memorable, exciting,
challenging, & rewarding to create momentum for an impactful start.


We as recruiters have the privilege of designing, orchestrating
and experiencing this special process from our candidates’ corner. Aiding individuals
to find their perfect role whilst enabling business to achieve their goals
through great people.


With experience, we are able to recognise the subtle queues
of a truly invested candidate; Tone of voice, reasoning, speed and quality of
communication, preparation, confidence, nerves. All of these signals paint a
picture of our candidates’ true thoughts, their real emotions. They show us
when to encourage, when to inform, & when to manage expectations.


“All you do is stick an advert out” - Some do, others do
more. I believe in the value of a good recruiter. I believe in getting the best
for a candidate by getting the best out of a candidate.


Through a proper recruitment process, you truly get to know
an individual. Their ambitions, successes, failures, strengths, & even
their insecurities.


Few things give me more satisfaction than delivering that greatly
anticipated news of an offer to a candidate who I know really wants the


Because we know this human, we know how to deliver this news.


Recruitment is beautiful.


It beats selling pens. (No offence if you sell pens)

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